Signal Processing for Optical Communications Systems

This project develops effective electrical domain (post-detection) approaches for optical communications by taking into account the physical properties of the optical transmission medium. In the development, we bring in expertise from two complementary research areas: signal processing for communications and optical communications. By working closely with the Optical Fiber Communications Laboratory,in particular with Drs. Menyuk and Zweck, we introduced a number of signal processing solutions for optical communications that provide significant performance gains for optical communications systems. Integrated coding and equalization

Recent projects:

    Integrated MAP Equalization and Turbo Product Coding for Optical Communications
    Funded by the Maryland Technology Development Corp.

Project team:

Recent publications:

  • Y. Cai, T. Adali, and C. R. Menyuk, ``Error mitigation system using line coding for optical WDM communications,'' patent no. 7,016,606, issued 2006.
  • W. Xi, T. Adali, and J. Zweck, A MAP equalizer for the optical communications channel, Journal of Lightwave Tech., vol. 23, no. 12, pp. 39893996, Dec. 2005.
  • We present a maximum a posteriori equalizer to minimize the effects of intersymbol interference. We show its application by deriving the conditional probability density function in the presence of polarization mode disperson and ASE noise for optical communications systems.